Current Controls is a new company located in the Sacramento Metropolitan area of California.   

We have experience in designing and building control panels for OEMs in the semiconductor industry, food equipment processors, process machinery, boilers, burner control system panels, MCC's and printing presses.

We are certified with the State of California as small business.   # 27177 

We are a UL508 panel shop.

We Specialize in industrial control system service, control panel manufacturing, electric motor and drive systems, PLC programming and installation, system integration, temperature control, and communication and messaging systems.

The industries we service are printing, food and beverage processors, manufacturing processes and facilities, conveyor systems, lumber mills, local governmental agencies.

Our service department is staffed 24 hours and 7 days a week for troubleshooting of the most difficult electrical/electronic control systems. Our technicians have numerous years of experience and can solve almost any system problem regardless of age of the equipment.  In addition, we provide start up capabilities for many electrical motor drive lines.

Our control panel manufacturing division manufactures control panels for numerous end users, system integrators mechanical and electrical contractors and OEM's.  We can engineer and design the panels for your application or use your design. We can provide full documentation such as drawings (AUTOCAD 2000 or older), Operational and maintenance documentation.  We offer programming of devices if desired by the customer.  

We adhere to standards and material that are universally accepted, and we can build to your own standards should that be a requirement of your project.  In addition, we can use your own products to maintain your cohesive documentation and skills of your installation staff.

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